Sunday, May 12, 2013

Typing Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit on an Android phone or tablet

A year ago, I described how you can type Hindi, Marathi or any other Devanagari language on your iPhone or iPad without needing to install any additional apps on it. At the time, some of you had asked me how to do the same thing on your Android phones.

On Android devices, you turn on the Devanagari keyboard by going to Settings > Language & Input > Keyboard & Input Methods.

On the Android keyboard entry, tap the settings button on the right. This opens Android keyboard settings. On this screen, tap Input languages. And then tick the entry labeled Hindi.

Once you're done with this, you've enabled the Devanagari keyboard. Typing using this keyboard is the same on both iPhones or iPad and Android. The earlier article describes how to use this keyboard to type.

If you run into any issues with using the keyboard on Android, comment below.

हिन्दी – अपने Android (अण्ड्रॉइड) फोन पर हिन्दी, मराठी, संस्कृत, नेपाली, सिंधी या अन्य किसी देवनागरी भाषा कैसे लिखें? यह पृष्ठ आपको सही तरीक़ा समझाएगा।

मराठी – आपल्या अण्‍ड्रॉइड फोन वर मराठी, संस्कृत, हिन्दी देवनागरीत कसे लिहावे हे समजवण्यास ही माहिती दिली गेली आहे. काही प्रश्न असल्यास, खालती टिप्पणी करून विचारावे.


  1. Where do I get key board. With Sanskrit keyboard?.I got Hindi. Board but not
    not with. allow. characters required in ssanskrit /Devanagari.
    - -Dmpanditrao

  2. I require Marathi key board and also English key board separately for
    SMS and WhatsApp.